The Orange County Chapter Mission Statement

The mission of the Orange County Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute, Inc., is to provide its membership with both the opportunity and a forum to share ideas and information openly with others in the construction industry in order to create and sustain the built environment, while recognizing and responding to changing industry trends.

It is also our purpose to promote improved industry communications, techniques, and procedures, as well as preparation, delivery, and use of Construction Documents. Of equal importance is the recognition and encouragement of exceptional quality of professional endeavors, while promoting and participating in the individual member's professional development and continuing education. Each individual member pledges, to the best of their ability, to promote closer relations, communications, and cooperation among the Chapter's membership.

Whereas, the Orange County Chapter is an autonomous subsidiary of the Construction Specifications Institute, Inc., it recognizes the value and responsibility for interfacing its programs, activities, and goals with those of the Institute in order to maximize the benefits to each individual member.

Code of Ethics

Believing that honesty, integrity, high ideals, and a general concern for the welfare of the construction industry are both desirable and necessary, and in a sincere effort to promote the objectives of the Construction Specifications Institute, Inc., members of the Orange County Chapter pledge themselves to: